Periodic workshops

Surviving VCE

Being a student can be stressful, and as the year progresses the reality of the workload can be overwhelming. There are three areas of life that contribute to stress, and these can all be triggered by habits such sitting at a desk for hours studying, lack of exercise, sugar and coffee while studying, and emotional pressure and  expectations.

Research has now clearly shown that ongoing or excessive stress will affect the brain’s capacity to function well, to learn and be alert.

Emily Galbraith is a recent graduate from the RMIT Chiropractic program and understands first hand the impacts that stress can have on the body. She has developed a 1.5 hour free workshop entitled “Surviving VCE”, which will be held at Healing Well where she will share some simple techniques that students can take home and put into practice to help reduce stress, develop a clear state of mind, and work efficiently.

Emily’s free stress management workshop for VCE students will be held at Healing Well in Castlemaine.

Contact: Emily on 0447668775.

Non Violent Communication (NVC)
Learn effective tools to transform potential conflicts into peaceful situations, based on principles from “Non-Violent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg.

Do you desire to be heard and to hear more clearly what others are communicating to you? A periodic 12 week evening course run by Sonia Stocco. Please contact Sonia for more information on: 0421 219 872.

“Loving kindness gives birth to a natural compassion. 
The compassionate heart holds the pain and sorrow of our life, and of all beings with mercy and tenderness.  
It is this tender heart that holds the power to transform the world”.

Chogyam Trungpa


Menstrual Wellbeing – a workshop
Hosted by Three Treasures Healing – Grace Natakhan Traditional Chinese Medicine
Please call 0437 293 529.


Lifewise coaching
Four-week coaching program, small group focus, creating real and sustainable change. 

Focus groups:

  • Lifewise Professional. Clarify purpose and vision and align them with your values. Make goals and action steps, overcome obstacles. Change occurs and life unfolds. 
  • Lifewise Parenting. Intention and vision for the most challenging and rewarding task of all. Balancing the needs of others with those of ourselves. Caring for others, caring for ourselves, building strong and resilient families.
  • Lifewise Wellbeing. Health is a product of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, family and community factors. Building maori ora (life force and vitality), increasing awareness, creating a plan and taking action steps. Empowering our own health and wellbeing journey.

For further information call Marg on 0429 999255 or go to


Previous exhibitions displayed in the Healing Well foyer are from great local artists including Denise Martin, Debra Goldsmith, Alisha Ng, Lorena Carrington, Jinari Mountain, Jennifer King and Melinda Hawkes.

If you’re interested to share your work here, please contact Selina Wilson on 0400 546 290.