Trigger point therapy

By Jennifer King

Have you ever experienced prolonged aches and pains that no amount of stretching, rubbing, kneading or use of heat packs ever seem to resolve?

One of the most effective methods for treating muscular aches and pains is Trigger Point Therapy.

This method of myofascial (soft tissue) release is increasingly taught as a massage technique because of its effectiveness in treating long and short term muscle pain, weakness, numbness or immobilisation.

Repetitive strain, over exertion, accidental falls or sudden wrenching movements, sitting too long  in the one posture etc., all set the scene for trigger points to develop causing the onset of pain, stiffness and soreness in muscles.

myofascialA trigger point occurs when continuous contraction in the muscle fibre causes an interruption to blood flow, oxygen and elimination of toxins from the muscle tissue. When this happens a trigger point becomes “active”, sending out pain signals in an attempt to lessen the use of the muscle. Ironically when the muscle becomes less active for this reason it begins to shorten and tighten compounding the severity of the pain.

A trigger point in the tiniest muscle can be crippling. One of the most interesting features of a trigger point is the referral of pain to another site on the body.  It is the aim of the practitioner to then determine the true source of the pain and work to release it.

Trigger point therapy can effect lasting results, and can be learnt by anyone as a form of self applied massage for pain relief.

Jennifer King is a massage therapist at Healing Well, corner Mostyn and Urquart streets, Castlemaine. Ph: 0458 688 250 for an appointment.



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