Time … or rosemary for brain awareness

by Susan Lintott

Are you happy with your memory? Do you have difficulty multi-tasking or recalling words? March 13 to 19 is Brain Awareness Week and now is the perfect time to consider actions to improve your brain health.

Increase your circulation

Good circulation provides good oxygen, nutrient and anti-oxidant supply to the brain. Exercise is often the best way to increase your circulation, but please don’t rush into excess exercise if it’s hot. Make a plan for what physical exercise you want to do each week and seek advice from a relevant health practitioner if you’re unsure about what suits you. Check with your GP if you suspect your iron and/or Vitamin B12 levels may be low, as these are essential for good oxygenation. Herbal remedies such as Gingko biloba, rosemary and bacopa (water hyssop) can be excellent aids for increasing circulation.

Keep inflammation at bay

Inflammation can cross the blood brain barrier and disrupt neuronal impulses, which is not helpful for your brain function! Avoid inflammatory foods such as fried and sugary foods, and try to include at least five cups of vegetables a day as well as anti-inflammatory fruits such as pawpaw and pineapple. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, ginger, green tea, St Mary’s Thistle and rosehips can all be helpful for decreasing inflammation.

Get your brain active

We now know that the brain has neuroplasticity, meaning that we are continually building and rebuilding neuronal connections.  To help this, find a challenging activity that you enjoy such as crosswords, app-based brain games, or learn a musical instrument or a new language. Staying social and listening to music that you like are good ways of strengthening positive neuronal pathways in the brain.

Your naturopath can help you with many other aspects of  improving your brain health, such as increasing your energy, increasing nutrients in your diet for good neurotransmitter balance, improving your sleep quality, addressing hormone imbalances and improving your gut health. 

Susan Lintott would be delighted to provide you with a detailed health assessment and care. Contact Susan on 0401 764 050.

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