Summer at Healing Well

Massage therapist Jenny King and Chinese Medicine practitioner Shelley Beer

Massage therapist Jenny King and Chinese Medicine practitioner Shelley Beer

Summer allows us to relax. Because it’s warm, we can lessen the prohibitions Chinese medicine places on your dietary choices if you have a weak digestion.

The long forbidden cold salads can be enjoyed when the weather is consistently over 30C. In fact, cooling foods are now needed. This doesn’t mean you have to stop the cooked salads you’ve come to enjoy; you can now also enjoy lettuce, tomato, cucumber, watermelon, cool drinks and finally bananas!

Ice cream can even be eaten when it is over 40C. Please be careful and consider if you need these colder foods. Are you working all the time in excessively cold air conditioning, swimming often in cold water? If so, your body is already being adequately cooled against the heat. You’ll need to be cautious with dietary changes. A little is always fine. I’d just caution you about having a choc-coated icecream with an icy tumbler of soft drink when sitting in a cold theatre.

Summer also brings holidays. At Healing Well many of our practitioners have enjoyed working with the community but are now taking time off to renew, ready for another year. Some of us are available between Christmas and New Year.

Kate Blackmore returns to her osteopathic practice (0459 941 605) and is joined by another osteopath, Jen Lucas (0407 821 799).

Jen King massage (0458 688 250)

Shelley Beer Chinese Medicine (0417 036 153)

Jen King , Shelley Beer, Kate Blackmore and Jen Lucas will happily support your health care needs over the holiday period. All of us at Healing Well wish you a relaxing and peaceful season.

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