Shelley_2Shelley Beer

Shelley Beer is registered in Both Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria. (AH0091) Professional Association – Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS 4048)

She started full time practice in 1989, and soon began teaching practitioners. She was a full time academic at Victoria University from 1992-2008 teaching Chinese medicine, continuing her clinic part-time. She has been back in full-time practice since October 2008.

“I practice Chinese Medicine, using herbal medicine, acupuncture and exploring the role of lifestyle choices. I am particularly interested in the way one uses the breath, the mind, the way we use our bodies and our relationship to food to create our experiences- and how our choices can enhance or hinder our vital health. I particularly love to work with babies and children, have extensive experience with womens health, feverish diseases ( bacterial/viral), musculo-skeletal problems, and chronic complex cases. I have expertise in the  safe prescribing of herbal medicine concurrently with multi-drug use.

“I am passionate about learning and unraveling the mystery of Chinese medicine theory to better help those I consult. My aim is to empower choice, to work with the client so the less they need me, the better they are. I particularly draw upon classical sources of ancient Chinese medicine ideas.

“I have always loved working in group practices. Locating professionals in one space allows effective communication between different modalities as the need arises. This ensures compatibility, enhancement of treatments or monitoring with Western medicine where appropriate.

“My own self-care includes Yoga with local great Hatha yoga teachers ( and, feeding the chickens, cows, walking the dog, meditation, sharing conversations with friends, cooking great food, literally stopping to smell the roses on my way to the DHP clinic letter box as I wind my way down the front path.” (

Qualifications and Accreditation

– BA, Grad Dip Womens’ Health, Ph D., Practitioner Dip Ac, Grad Dip Chinese Herbal Medicine. Numerous other professional short training awards.