Nicola Pilon – Naturopath
0433 048 430

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Nicola Pilon is a qualified Naturopathic practitioner, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Nicola‚Äôs treatment strategy places an emphasis on preventative care that encourages healthy lifestyle changes to restore balance to the body promoting long lasting wellness and vitality.

Nicola focuses on supporting healthy lifestyles in her patients, and her treatments may include dietary recommendations, herbal remedies and nutritional supplementation where required to restore balance to nutritional deficiencies.

Nicola helps patients with digestive disorders, stress management, women’s health, wellness and detoxification, immune and energy support, insomnia and sleep issues, and weight loss and weight management.

To make an appointment with Nicola, call her on 0433 048 430. Nicola works Tuesday afternoons and alternate Saturdays.