Mary Kennedy
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Mary’s journey into Chiropractic began as a young mother, when her  son had chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis. As his condition did not improve with medical care, Mary began to search alternative forms of healing. With Chiropractic, she learned the underlying principle that the body has an innate capacity for health and wellness. This led her to return to university to study Chiropractic.

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One of her proudest moments was her RMIT graduation in 1994, attended by her three teenage children and her own mother, who had lived with and cared for Mary and her children for the final two years of her degree. It was a memorable evening.

Mary uses gentle, low force techniques. Healing occurs in a space of welcome, a still space in which one’s own inner wisdom can be heard and acted on.

Mary’s first grandchild was born 12 years ago, and since then her practice has focused on children. She has studied a number of postgrad paediatric programs, including early childhood development and its impact on learning. Before working as a chiropractor Mary was a registered school teacher and now combines all this knowledge to support children in their learning and growth.

Since then Mary has studied courses specialising in early brain development, assessing children with learning difficulties and devising programs to address their needs.

This is now the focus of her work in Castlemaine. Her goal is to make her knowledge and skills available to the community to support children and parents.


BA, DipEd (Primary Teaching Methods)

BAppSc (Chiropractic)

Post Grad Certificate Paediatrics, ICPA

Post Grad Dip Paediatric Neurodevelopment (INPP)