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Marg’s journey into chiropractic started at age 13 after numerous horse riding falls and a serious back injury. Chiropractic provided much needed relief and the start of a life long enquiry.

Marg commenced her chiropractic studies in 1982 at RMIT Melbourne and completed her final year in England at the Anglo European chiropractic college and the British School of Osteopathy in London. Her studies continued with a grad dip in dance and movement, craniosacral therapy, Bowen Technique, Alexander Technique, paediatric chiropractic and movement and learning studies. In recent years she has been exploring network chiropractic, including somato-respiratory integration and reorganisational healing.

“My work starts from looking at the whole person. It goes deeper than treating symptoms or discomfort. Holistic health care is about helping people achieve greater states of health, wellbeing and awareness.

“My sessions are dynamic and individual. I work with the whole person and draw on my more than 30 years of practice experience and continuous postgraduate study. My most recent qualification has been with the Stress Management Institute and my mentors Drs John and Judy Hinwood. I combine coaching and mentoring with my chiropractic sessions to assist each person to achieve improvements in health, change in lifestyle and personal growth. 

“There is no greater joy than to work with a new born baby and watch the a shift from  distress and discomfort to ease, to work with children and watch their eyes light up and the brain discover new pathways and options, or to work with adults or the elderly and discover greater ease and comfort.”

Marg’s passion for her work comes from her calling to be of service and assist others to realise their greatest potential for health, wellbeing and wholeness of life.

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Bachelor Applied Science, Chiropractic, RMIT University
Graduate Diploma Dance and Movement, Melbourne University
Certificate of Movement and Learning
Certificate of Craniofascial Therapy
Registered chiropractor and Member of the Australian Chiropractors Association


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