Enlivening the Journey

Dr Jayne Andrews – Chiropractor

Jayne loves her bush property in Daylesford and enjoys the support of loving husband Tom. She is delighted with the support her friends offer at Healing Well.

‘My passion for practice is fuelled by a calling to help fellow travellers awaken to the essence of who they are and enliven their journey,’ she said.

‘I’m interested in living with a greater sense of health, wellbeing and vitality and I love offering that to others.’

Sessions with Jayne are dynamic, and each one is tailored to suit the individual using a range of techniques that she has perfected over time. Jayne’s work is inspired by a ‘reorganisational healing’ model of care.

‘The current model of health care in use today is one of restorative therapautics, designed to rid the body of symptoms or discomfort so as to return the body to its pre-disease state.

‘But reorganisational healing aims to help people achieve greater states of health and wellbeing than they had before they had any symptoms. In this way pain and dysfunction can become a powerful force for growth and wholeness and motivate people to a more inspiring life.’

Techniques Jayne uses, among others, include Network Spinal Analysis, Somatorespiratory Integration, Neuro Emotional Technique, Craniosacral Technique and Body Awareness Work.

She has been practising in Daylesford and Castlemaine for the last four years and was born and raised in Kyneton.

Jayne is a registered chiropractor and graduated from RMIT University in 2006 with a double degree in Clinical and Chiropractic Science. She also holds a massage diploma, which she completed in 2004 before qualifying as a chiropractor. Jayne is a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia.