Jacqueline Sheridan
Integrative Therapist


Clinical Social Worker, (BA, BSW), Child Play Therapist, Masters in Transpersonal Psychology.

Registered Medicare Provider and member of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

 Jacqueline has a special interest in emotional and relational distress in children (under 10 years), adults, couples and parent-child dyads.

Holding and honouring the way pain and suffering call us inward, Jacqueline’s intention in her therapeutic work is to provide a safe and sensitively attuned space to support a deep listening to the innate wisdom of body, soul, mind and spirit.  Jacqueline companions the instinctive drive towards healing and wholeness we all possess, by gently supporting a sacred inner process of transformational integration: A Home-Calling to all Parts of us, and an awakening of our True and Unique Self. 

The primary approaches used to support this work include the Internal Family Systems model, within a psychodynamic frame and a Humanistic and Transpersonal lens.


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