Grace Natakhan

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
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Grace is a registered practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Her interest in holistic therapies developed from an early age, with a fascination of the diverse healthcare options available in her surrounding community.

Over 10 years ago she first experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a mode of healing. Through its gentle effectiveness and inspirational strength in 3000 years of dynamic history, she became inspired to take up TCM studies.

Since graduating with distinction from RMIT, Grace has practiced in the UK and Australia, completing postgraduate studies in the gentle Japanese acupuncture style of Toyohari in Europe.

“To me, the healing process is about finding greater harmony with our essential nature. This includes being in balance with our internal and surrounding environment and our community. Oriental medicine presents an opportunity for fresh perspective on our health, to see that all things are connected and interdependent.”

Grace brings a gentle attentiveness to treatments, paying attention to the symptoms at hand, while working to uncover and rebalance the underlying disharmony. Humbled by her role, and excited by its possibilities, she enjoys the opportunity to support people in optimising their wellbeing.

TCM has a broad range of applications in healthcare. Grace’s particular interests include digestive disorders, emotional imbalances, and preventative healthcare to maintain and optimise wellness. A trained and practicing Doula (birth attendant), Grace also has a passion for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care. Treatments often include lifestyle advice to enhance the body’s healing capabilities.

“I am inspired by the simple yet complex beauty of the body’s systems. I am present for others in their healing process, empowering them to discover their own insights. Through allowing this unfolding, people are more able to be in life’s flow, with trust, joy and ease!”


Bachelor Applied Science (Chinese Medicine/Human Biology)

Certificate in Toyohari needling techniques

Reiki 1 certificate

Registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association

Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Registered Toyohari practitioner