Listen to your dreams

Teresa Mallon, Soul Centred Psychotherapy

Dreams and intuition are like people. If you ignore them long enough they will cease calling and stop sending gifts. Sincerely welcome them again and they could well invite you to a brilliant reunion party.

Dreams work us, not we them…a dream’s energy provides the experience you most need.

“When you are in the darkness you take the next best thing and that is the dream…And you can be sure that the dream is your nearest friend; the dream is the friend of those who are not guided anymore by the traditional truth.” Carl Jung.

Dreams are poetry and art and music and story and myth. All speak the same language of imagery, emotion and symbol that cuts straight to the heart and the gut.

Dreams talk of feelings, spirit, soul and the mysteries of being alive. A dream is helping to tell us the reality behind the presence that is warming our hearts or demanding our attention.

Dream images and symbols are not lifeless or static pictures. They are full of real energy that moans, quivers or stabs its way into our emotions. Dreams are a real experience. In Dream you feel, see, smell and taste what lives inside.

Think of how you wake from a dream and you are relieved to be out of the felt experience or wanting to stay. Experiences feel exactly as if they are happening in the ‘real world’. Every inch of us is alert. When we fly in our dreams we feel the buoyant lightness ripple through our bodies, the rush of wind in our hair and eyes and the magnificent power that comes with the experience of flight only known to a creature with wings.

I invite that you let dreams jolt you into seriously reflecting on your life, to help make a change and listen to the messages from your unconscious and make conscious.
Dreams tell us more about ourselves and give us the rich insight into our souls that needs to be attended to for personal growth.

Paying attention to our dreams on a regular basis helps build and strengthen our intuition.

It takes courage to consider a dream and to encounter parts of yourself that we would normally avoid.

A female client of mine had a dream 3 years ago, it goes as follows….

“I am in a house, it feels like my home yet I am aware that the hallway in the house continues on with many more rooms that I was not previously aware of. I walk down the hallway. I am seeing there are still many boxes that I must unpack and many rooms to explore. I open one of the doors and am horrified by what I see, inside the room are many children, aged around 6 to 10, all of them have no arms. There is a man standing there and I realize he has surgically removed the childrens arms and that they are trapped. I run in terror to get help and to escape what will be my inevitable fate if I am caught…”

At the time of this dream my client was experiencing deep fatigue and was struggling in her marriage. Though this dream was painful to recall to me she was able to give image to the armless child in a painting and began to see the powerlessness she was experiencing in her own life and how the inner masculine figure of her psyche was a reflection of her relationship to her husband and how disempowered she felt.

My client’s model of relationship as a child was of the powerful masculine and a subservient feminine. Working with the wounded child part of her, we were able to establish a positive belief system that allowed her to own her power in her strength as the adult woman. Her fatigue symptoms lifted and in time she was able to gain the courage to leave her marriage and move into a more positive relationship.

Not all dreams have such deep meanings or consequences of course. However this example tells of a stirring in the soul. A wake up call for a life change. What could be present in your dreaming?

By simply writing your dreams over time you may see a pattern that allows you to see a behaviour in yourself and as you share this with friends or a professional you can start to have more personal understanding and compassion to make a desired change.

Apart from the spiritual and prophetic potential, dream can help with the ordinary challenges of everyday life. The challenges of becoming who you really are. If you dream at all, your instincts are calling you from the ground of your being for the seeds of your interest to germinate and take fruit. Respond and stay open. Even the dream that feels like the nightmare from hell can lead to a deep personal healing.

Teresa Mallon runs regular dream groups at Healing Well, and practices Soul-Centred psychotherapy there on Fridays. She can be reached on (0417) 864 556.

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