About Healing Well

By Rima Truchanas

Healing Well is a multidisciplinary health and wellness centre in Castlemaine. It was established in 2010 by a small group of individual practitioners who recognised the value of peer mentoring in a small regional town.  Over time, the group discussed professional development and strategies for sustainable work practices.  We wanted to collaborate, share ideas and resources and make a contribution to our community.

Our region is richly endowed with numerous talented health practitioners. Healing Well has become the focal point for a dynamic group of these skilful people.  Peer mentoring gatherings occur on a regular basis to enable cross-pollination of ideas and experience.

The core group of Healing Well practitioners co-manage the centre, and meet regularly to discuss and guide the centres operation. Marg Peck, Gabrielle Batson, Selina Wilson and Rima Truchanas have developed a warm and practical approach to their business. Taryn McKerrow and Sonia Stocco have also contributed greatly to the success of the venture.

We extend our thanks to the community and other health practitioners for their support and encouragement. The Healing Well space is a relaxed nurturing environment at 147Mostyn Street, Castlemaine.

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