Happier New Year

The beginning of a new year brings each of us a yearning for personal change; we write lists of resolutions, tell our friends and partners how things will be different, and we dream of a better ‘me’. The me that is less stressed with work, is fitter, healthier, and calmer, with plenty of energy to greet each day, and give to others.

We dream of pursuing our real passions, and sharing them with family and friends who love us. What aspirations we have! Where our cup is full, brimming right to the top, actually spilling over in fact, where we have plenty, and can share our abundance.

dreamChanging isn’t always easy. We often have a clear picture of where we want to be, or at least how we want to feel, but can’t always see the steps we need to get there. Without us even realising, our subconscious is programmed with patterns of behaviour and beliefs that can either help us grow, or keep us stagnant. It is quite amazing how we can be so oblivious to these patterns that hold us back, but often there are hints!

The content and details of our dreams each night, the nuances and types of relationships we have created, even illnesses/injury to particular parts of the body can direct us to the causes of our unhappiness. These hints, although sometimes subtle, can be very telling, and powerful creators of change.

Both Teresa Mallon (Soul Centred Psychotherapist – Dream Analyst) and Taryn McKerrow (Kinesiologist) can help uncover these hints, help you understand them, and then find supportive ways to move forward. Uncovering your subconscious aspects that prevent you from being your best; healthier, calmer, fitter, following your passions, and finding abundance.

Both therapists work from Healing Well Castlemaine, and have found the best results for people will occur when all three aspects of health are considered; the mind, the body and the spirit self. Both have an extraordinary integrity and respect for your personal story, aspirations and goals.

If it feels like the time is right, and you’re ready to make changes that are lasting, phone either therapist directly for an appointment. Teresa Mallon Soul Centred Psychotherapy 0417 864 556 or Taryn McKerrow Kinesiology 0400 166 662.

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