Creative Expression at Healing Well

Healing Well is a health and wellbeing centre in Castlemaine that offers a diverse range of complimentary therapies where the practitioner works to engage the mind, body and spirit in creative ways.

Psychological Counsellors Gabrielle Bastson says “Creativity is an important way to give expression to the inner self, helping support mental and emotional wellbeing and the healing process.”

This can be expressed through many ways that engage the mind, body and the heart.

Healing Well currently have a beautiful visual poetry exhibition by Janet Galbraith, who has placed her own words sensitively in a creative, organic way, openly acknowledging the importance of creative expression in her own healing journey.

Janet’s words:

‘Of Learning’

I am coming to know this place

little by little

not presuming

not even gathering to self

but watching


not wanting

but listening.

It is a quiet way of life.

A way of learning

this world.

You are welcome to call at Healing Well to see Janet’s work at 147 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine.


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