Time … or rosemary for brain awareness

by Susan Lintott Are you happy with your memory? Do you have difficulty multi-tasking or recalling words? March 13 to 19 is Brain Awareness Week and now is the perfect time to consider actions to improve your brain health. Increase your circulation Good circulation provides good oxygen, nutrient and anti-oxidant supply to the brain. Exercise […]

Five simple detox strategies to boost your energy

by Rima Truchanas         Try a gentle detox, optimise your digestion, improve concentration and feel more effective this year. Cleanse your system with five simple easy steps:  Take control of your inputs Replace with healthy habits Simplify food combinations Go to bed early, feeling a little hungry A detox can be tailored […]

Healing Well welcomes two new massage therapists

Healing Well Health and Wellness Centre in Castlemaine is excited to welcome Jaya Saunders and Rex Hardjadibrata to the massage team while Sonia Stocco takes leave. Sonia is taking a 10-week sabbatical in Italy. Sonia will return in early September. Jaya is a trained and qualified in remedial massage therapy, biodynamic cranial therapy and Bowen therapy. She […]

Summer at Healing Well

Summer allows us to relax. Because it’s warm, we can lessen the prohibitions Chinese medicine places on your dietary choices if you have a weak digestion. The long forbidden cold salads can be enjoyed when the weather is consistently over 30C. In fact, cooling foods are now needed. This doesn’t mean you have to stop […]

How massage supports us in times of change

Most of us at some stage or another will experience times in our life that challenge our sense of equilibrium and wellbeing. These experiences arrive in many forms and generally mark a time of transition, such as the death of a loved one, relationship break-ups, a health crisis, settling into a new home, periods of […]

Seasonal rhythms

By Rima Truchanas If you currently feel to stay at home quietly more often, you’re in tune with the biorhythms of the seasons. Our body patterns synchronise with the natural rhythms of our environment. As the autumn slows and cycles complete, we take a breath in with the earth, as it inhales and prepares for […]

New Osteopaths at Healing Well

Healing Well is pleased to welcome two new Osteopaths: Gary Fryer and Allison Atkin, to join our centre for health and wellbeing. Allison Atkin completed her Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne and joins Healing Well after recently returning from the UK, where she completed a two-year post-graduate diploma in the osteopathic treatment […]

Relief for hayfever, sinus pain and lingering coughs

By Rima Truchanas and Susan Lintott Spring is a wonderful season, full of dynamic growth and change potential. However, hayfever can be an unwelcome challenge to people sensitive to pollens and other allergens, especially if your respiratory and immune systems have just struggled through winter colds, persistent coughs and flus. Use preventative measures to strengthen […]

Scar therapy

By Rima Truchanas It is remarkable what can be accomplished with surgical procedures.  Usually these represent a significant intervention in a person’s health experience.  Some scars heal well, while others are slow to heal and can remain painful for a long time, with sensations of disconnection from the affected area or sensitivity to touch.  Regions […]

The Healing Well Symbol

By Rima Truchanas Our logo emerged from group discussions about a shared vision that began in 2005. It encapsulates the idea of a deep resource and the nurturing qualities of water, so necessary to life. At the time, our community was in the grip of serious water shortages consequent of drought and climate change. This […]