Healing Well for your health

The experienced and professional team at Healing Well focuses on gentle, holistic treatment suitable for all ages. The team of chiropractors and osteopaths at Healing Well are osteopaths Kate Blackmore and Jen Lucas, and chiropractors Marg Peck and Emily Wilson. They work together to bring the best health results to their community. Physical modalities such […]

Women’s Healthy Cycles

by Rima Truchanas and Grace Natakhan   Menstruation is a fundamental aspect of life and a barometer for women’s health. When menstruation is viewed as a whole cycle, a woman is always in one of four phases: menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation and premenstrual. A woman’s well-being is designed to ebb and flow through these different phases […]

Hormonal harmony

Rima and Grace are Chinese Medicine practitioners at Healing Well.  Seasons change, and our hormones are significant regulators in our health. Are you challenged by fluctuations in your hormonal patterns? It may be that the hormones themselves aren’t balancing well, or that your body is simply loaded with too many stressors, making hormonal harmony more […]

Choosing a path through life’s challenges

Sally Weiss is a Counsellor and Relationship Therapist Our lives are rarely straightforward. Among the richness and delight of it all, there are occasional twists and turns, and at times challenges that can leave us reeling. Taking time out of the everyday to speak with a counsellor may be an unfamiliar choice, for some it […]

Countering stress

No matter what walk of life we come from, stress can have a significant impact on your life and health. Whether a working professional, young mum, farmer, student, unemployed or unwell, we all experience daily stress. Small amounts are actually normal and healthy, and ideally short term. On a basic level stress is designed to […]

Maintaining miracles

Helena Read Helena is a remedial massage therapist, dancing freedom facilitator and international participatory event manager.  Remedial massage provides relief from pain while increasing flexibility and an overall sense of wellbeing. Maintaining that wellbeing, in order that you may live your life with physical ease is part of the two-way relationship with your massage therapist. […]

Healing stress

Dr MargPeck is a chiropractor of 30 years, a stress management practitioner and coach. Stress is the buzz word and condition of the moment. It is a symptom of our times and something that seems to affect us all, no matter what age, gender or stage of life. What is stress? How does it affect […]

The growing consciousness of health and wellbeing

Wellness is about being happy in mind, body and spirit.  It’s about getting the most from life rather than just getting by.   The true source of health and wellbeing rests within us and not outside of us and by developing an internal listening and inner wisdom this can help to develop our capacity for self-awareness […]

Spring abundance with Chinese Medicine

Spring is a season of growth and expansion. Can you feel the surge? It’s a great time to refresh the energy around yourself with a spring clean: clear your clutter, make space for new ideas and be inspired to generate positive change.  Perhaps you’ll choose to revise your health goals too. Chinese Medicine can help […]

Healing Well celebrates win at Mt Alexander Business awards

    Healing Well has a collective core group of five practitioners who manage the centre’s innovative approach to sustainable business, collaboration and mentoring. Under the Healing Well: Health and Wellness Centre umbrella, self-employed practitioners run their own business and support each other.  Healing Well responds to a broad range of health needs in our […]