A Body – Mind – Spirit Guide

By Taryn McKerrow

Do you know that you have an internal guiding system that can improve your whole health?

That is, the Chakras working away as energy centres throughout your body.  We can’t always see them or feel them, none the less, they form a very real component of your anatomy and can give you vital clues to improving your wellness.

chakraI find many clients ask me how they can improve their life, “I’m so stressed out and upset but I don’t know what to do!”

Often very simple answers come during our sessions, however they can be confronting. It is only when we start to recognise that these issues actually form subtle energies with in their Chakras, people feel empowered to make change.

For example, if someone came to me for treatment of neck pain and muscle tension, we would start to investigate their Visudda Throat Chakra which energetically resides at the front and back of the neck. It’s most often depicted as blue in colour and projects out from the body. Investigating the emotional and belief aspects of Throat Chakra (often communication issues) can lead us to the root cause of their neck pain;

  • I find it difficult to tell my partner how I feel.
  • I have important things to say, but I’m not sure how to say it.
  • I’ve been lying to someone and I feel awful.
  • When I had to speak in front of the class in school, the kids laughed.

I’m saying here, that physical health issues can directly relate to emotional ones; in this example the body is simply telling us this, by being a pain in the neck! By relieving the emotional tension, we have a chance relieve the physical tension.

So I encourage you to give this some focused thought:

  • Where in my body am I unbalanced, or unhealthy?
  • Could it literally relate to an emotional issue?

Your body wants to guide you to wellness, it’s just about listening!

For Assessments & Balancing of the Major and Minor Chakras, contact Taryn McKerrow, Kinesiologist & Mind Body Spirit Specialist at Healing Well on 0400 166 662. 

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