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Compassion as a pathway to health

  by Marg Peck The research is in. Being kind, giving as a way of being, even doing unto others, are now all undeniably good for us. Thanks to the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and psychoneuroimmunology we now know that compassion changes the brain, improves the immune system, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and […]

How I learned to be successful

by Marg Peck As a teenager I had several serious horse riding accidents, which led to the development of Scheuermann’s disease in my growing spine. As a result I grew up experiencing a lot of pain, poor health and emotional stress. After unsuccessful medical appointments, trials of medication, X-rays and testing, my wonderful mother located a […]

Our health is in our hands

by Marg Peck The world of health care has changed radically in the past 10 years. The capacity to take charge of our own health, improve our lives and be healthier is greater than ever. But health statistics don’t reflect this. The number of people taking medication for pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety continues to […]

Menopause early!

by Nicola Pilon and Susan Lintott Through clinical and personal experience we encounter more and more women under 45 suffering the signs and symptoms of menopause. When signs and symptoms present beside hormonal dysfunction before the age of 40, this is termed premature ovarian failure, and will be investigated further. But if you are over 40 it […]

Free yourself from muscle pain

by Selina Wilson Muscle pain is a helpful tool for your body. It’s all in the timing. If you observe it, it usually comes in two forms. The first will alert you to injury and prevent you from further damaging yourself. Immediate pain is generally a warning. The second is a “healthy” pain experienced after […]

Time … or rosemary for brain awareness

by Susan Lintott Are you happy with your memory? Do you have difficulty multi-tasking or recalling words? March 13 to 19 is Brain Awareness Week and now is the perfect time to consider actions to improve your brain health. Increase your circulation Good circulation provides good oxygen, nutrient and anti-oxidant supply to the brain. Exercise […]