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How massage supports us in times of change

Most of us at some stage or another will experience times in our life that challenge our sense of equilibrium and wellbeing. These experiences arrive in many forms and generally mark a time of transition, such as the death of a loved one, relationship break-ups, a health crisis, settling into a new home, periods of […]

Seasonal rhythms

By Rima Truchanas If you currently feel to stay at home quietly more often, you’re in tune with the biorhythms of the seasons. Our body patterns synchronise with the natural rhythms of our environment. As the autumn slows and cycles complete, we take a breath in with the earth, as it inhales and prepares for […]

New Osteopaths at Healing Well

Healing Well is pleased to welcome two new Osteopaths: Gary Fryer and Allison Atkin, to join our centre for health and wellbeing. Allison Atkin completed her Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne and joins Healing Well after recently returning from the UK, where she completed a two-year post-graduate diploma in the osteopathic treatment […]

Relief for hayfever, sinus pain and lingering coughs

By Rima Truchanas and Susan Lintott Spring is a wonderful season, full of dynamic growth and change potential. However, hayfever can be an unwelcome challenge to people sensitive to pollens and other allergens, especially if your respiratory and immune systems have just struggled through winter colds, persistent coughs and flus. Use preventative measures to strengthen […]