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Scar therapy

By Rima Truchanas It is remarkable what can be accomplished with surgical procedures.  Usually these represent a significant intervention in a person’s health experience.  Some scars heal well, while others are slow to heal and can remain painful for a long time, with sensations of disconnection from the affected area or sensitivity to touch.  Regions […]

The Healing Well Symbol

By Rima Truchanas Our logo emerged from group discussions about a shared vision that began in 2005. It encapsulates the idea of a deep resource and the nurturing qualities of water, so necessary to life. At the time, our community was in the grip of serious water shortages consequent of drought and climate change. This […]

Seasonal Rhythms

By Rima Truchanas If you currently feel to stay at home quietly more often, you’re in tune with the biorhythms of the seasons. Our body patterns synchronise with the natural rhythms of our environment. As the autumn slows and cycles complete, we take a breath in with the earth, as it inhales and prepares for […]