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Creative Expression at Healing Well

Healing Well is a health and wellbeing centre in Castlemaine that offers a diverse range of complimentary therapies where the practitioner works to engage the mind, body and spirit in creative ways. Psychological Counsellors Gabrielle Bastson says “Creativity is an important way to give expression to the inner self, helping support mental and emotional wellbeing and […]

It’s a water dragon year

By Rima Truchanas For thousands of years people have stargazed with wonder at their place in the universe, so vast, it’s almost beyond comprehension.  Astrology is a way to describe the influence of changing energetic patterns influencing life on planet Earth. In the Chinese Zodiac, twelve animals are attributed a twelve-year cycle. The five elements […]

Happier New Year

The beginning of a new year brings each of us a yearning for personal change; we write lists of resolutions, tell our friends and partners how things will be different, and we dream of a better ‘me’. The me that is less stressed with work, is fitter, healthier, and calmer, with plenty of energy to greet […]

A Body – Mind – Spirit Guide

By Taryn McKerrow Do you know that you have an internal guiding system that can improve your whole health? That is, the Chakras working away as energy centres throughout your body.  We can’t always see them or feel them, none the less, they form a very real component of your anatomy and can give you […]

Trigger point therapy

By Jennifer King Have you ever experienced prolonged aches and pains that no amount of stretching, rubbing, kneading or use of heat packs ever seem to resolve? One of the most effective methods for treating muscular aches and pains is Trigger Point Therapy. This method of myofascial (soft tissue) release is increasingly taught as a […]