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A Woman’s Body – Mind – Spirit Guide

  Do you know that you have an internal guiding system that can improve your whole health? That is, the Chakras working away as energy centers throughout your body.  We can’t always see them or feel them, none the less, they form a very real component of your anatomy and can give you vital clues […]

Baby sleeping – how infant massage may help

by Selina Wilson It seems that parents of today are encouraged to stimulate their baby with flash cards, musical appreciation, baby gym, swimming lessons and the list goes on, so as to provide optimum growth and development. A healthy baby given proper food and plenty of attention in a loving home will grow and develop at […]

Baby crying – a holistic approach

by Selina Willson There are two guarantees with your baby. One is that he or she will cry. Probably a lot. The other is that when your baby cries you will be judged, as a parent, by your peers, in-laws and when out and about, by strangers. Some babies’ cries are particularly piercing, which can be […]

2012 Year of the Dragon

by Rima Truchanas For thousands of years people have stargazed with wonder at their place in the universe, so vast, it’s almost beyond comprehension.  Astrology is a way to describe the influence of changing energetic patterns influencing life on planet Earth.  In the Chinese Zodiac, twelve animals are attributed a twelve year cycle. The five elements […]

Separation and divorce

Teresa Mallon, Soul Centred Psychotherapy Women in regional areas often feel isolated and at a loss of where to turn when life’s journey turns a complicated corner. Family and social networks may not be ‘around the corner’ and people are often left to deal with difficult and life changing decisions on their own. None can […]

Listen to your dreams

Teresa Mallon, Soul Centred Psychotherapy Dreams and intuition are like people. If you ignore them long enough they will cease calling and stop sending gifts. Sincerely welcome them again and they could well invite you to a brilliant reunion party. Dreams work us, not we them…a dream’s energy provides the experience you most need. “When […]


Teresa Mallon, Soul-Centred Psychotherapy One of the most difficult life transitions is to face the loss of a loved one. Every loss has its own unique experience, depending on the connection to the one that has died, and of course by how much your heart was invested in loving the person who no longer stands before […]

Garden Your Way to Well-Being

by Marg Peck (Gentle Chiropractic) Looking after your health can be like tending a garden. You feed your garden the best food, weed it, and stake your plants. You could even play your tomatoes classical music. You wouldn’t pour toxic wastes from the local dump on your soil and you wouldn’t hold wild neighbourhood parties on […]

Disruptive at School…or a Right-Brain Learner?

by Marg Peck (Gentle Chiropractic) I had a wonderful morning recently visiting the WholeBrain Workout in Bendigo. This centre is a teaching resource inspired by children who are struggling at school. Children who are having a hard time learning is not a new phenomenon, but it seems to be a growing problem. Many of these children may […]

Calming an anxious mind and body

Gabrielle Batson, Psychological Counselling Anxiety is a mental, emotional and physical experience that often arises from fear provoking thoughts and attitudes that create stress responses in the body. It often affects how we breathe where the breath becomes shallow, the body tightens, thinking may be foggy and it is difficult to relax and sleep. Have […]