2012 Year of the Dragon

by Rima Truchanas

For thousands of years people have stargazed with wonder at their place in the universe, so vast, it’s almost beyond comprehension.  Astrology is a way to describe the influence of changing energetic patterns influencing life on planet Earth.  In the Chinese Zodiac, twelve animals are attributed a twelve year cycle. The five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water overlay a five year pattern of characteristics, generating a 60 year cycle.  2012 is a Year of the Dragon, corresponding with a predominance of the water element, so we can think of it as a Water Dragon year.

The dragon is considered the luckiest year of the zodiac! People born in a dragon year may be flamboyant, gifted and ambitious, although they can create turbulence or exhaust themselves. This year the dragon’s fearless temperament is calmed by the water element, enabling more focused enthusiasm. The influence of a dragon year means ideas and creativity will flow in dynamic ways, so it could be an inspiring time.

Dragons dynamic energy can help make change happen. Using Chinese medicine can help optimize health and well-being to assist your capacity for flexibility and receptiveness to dynamic change. When we are stuck in our ways, movement can be difficult and change can feel confronting and chaotic. A decline in our health can be a prompt for reassessing our lifestyle or behaviour.

A dragon year is a fertile time for launching projects and new ventures. It is also the most auspicious and popular for bearing children, since dragon children are likely to be dynamic and successful in the world. For centuries, Chinese Medicine has been used to assist fertility and creative potential in women and men.

Chinese medicine can help you optimize your health and flexibility, and life coaching can help you review and refocus for a dynamic year of change ahead. Be your own agent of change.

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