dreamWelcome to Healing Well

We wish you the very best for the season.

Our centre is open by appointment between Christmas and New Year, for Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine (contact Shelley on 0417 036153).

Please see below for details of modalities available in January, and the best person to contact for inquiries.

Wishing you peace and good health, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

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Modality Please contact
Chinese Med
Grace Natakan: 0437 293 529
Chiropractic Emily Galbraith: 0447 668 775
Massage Jennifer King: 0458 688 250
Naturopathy Susan Lintott:  0401 764 050
Osteopathy Kate Blackmore:  0459 941 605
Counselling Jackie Sheridan-Marx:  0403 162 427


Catch up on your reading with articles by our practitioners, or make an appointment to come in and see one of us.

Wellness is all about being healthy and happy, in body, mind and spirit. It is about getting the most from your life rather than just getting by. With our expertise in complementary, holistic health care, we invite you to our wellness centre. Our wide range of therapies treat the whole person, opening paths for your natural healing ability, realising the best version of yourself.

Healing Well is a multi discipline health centre based on the premise of the interconnectedness of all things, located in Castlemaine, Central Victoria.

Health is about how we live our lives, our relationship to others, our environment, and the natural world.


Healing Well offers the following modalities:

Acupuncture/ Chinese Medicine
Rima Truchanas
Shelley Beer
Grace Natakhan

Marg Peck
Jayne Andrews
Emily Galbraith

Holistic Massage
Selina Wilson
Jennifer King
Sonia Stocco
Rex Hardjadibrata

Susan Lintott
Nicola Pilon

Kate Blackmore

Psychological Counselling
Gabrielle Batson
Susie Burke
Jackie Sheridan-Marx – 0403 162 427

The Healing Well story so far

Healing Well is a multidisciplinary health and wellness centre in Castlemaine. It arose from a small group of individual practitioners who recognised the value of peer mentoring in a small regional town.  Over time, the group discussed professional development and strategies for sustainable work practices.  We wanted to collaborate, share ideas and resources and make a contribution to our community. Read the full story.