Part of being a healthy person is being well integrated and at peace. Candace Pert 


Changes at Healing Well!

June 2019: Jen Lucas has left on maternity leave, and we all wish her the best for this special time  in her life and look forward to seeing her back when she’s ready!

Emily is away for June and July, travelling in Canada. 

Kate Blackmore is away in the Outback in July. 

Alister Harley

Helping us out in their absence we are welcoming Alister Harley (B. Health Sc. (Chiro) / M. Clin. Chiropractic / Cross Fit Coach).
He is an experienced sports and family chiropractor, and keen to spend some time in the country.  

Call Alister to make a booking on 0418 436 156, or book in by clicking here.

“Health is a byproduct of good habits. How your body works is very complex, but what it needs to work well is simple.”


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We run periodic workshops throughout the year, and have an important free workshop coming up in May to help VCE students with the pressures of study. Check our Workshops page.

Wellness is all about being healthy and happy, in body, mind and spirit. It is about getting the most from your life rather than just getting by. With our expertise in complementary, holistic health care, we invite you to our wellness centre. Our wide range of therapies treat the whole person, opening paths for your natural healing ability, realising the best version of yourself.

Health is about how we live our lives, our relationship to others, our environment, and the natural world.

Healing Well offers the following modalities:

Acupuncture/ Chinese Medicine
Rima Truchanas
Grace Natakhan

Marg Peck
Alister Harley
Emily Wilson

Health Coaching/Mentoring
Marg Peck

Holistic Massage
Louise Cook-Tonkin
Rex Hardjadibrata
Mandy Huppert
Helena Read
Sonia Stocco
Selina Wilson

Susan Lintott
Nicola Pilon

Kate Blackmore

Psychological Counselling
Susie Burke
Jacqueline Sheridan
Sally Weis

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